WLP adds value to business conversations through CRM investment

Conversations within a business have added value when admin is something that just happens without discussion, freeing talk for the subjects that matter. At WLP we had evolved a hybrid paper-digital management system that had served our needs and met the requirements of ISO 9001. However, the system was distributed locally across multiple locations within the business and the connections between relationship management, lead generation, and accounts were fragile and effort intensive.

After reviewing several options WLP selected Zoho as its chosen CRM platform with the support of Target Cloud to tailor it to our needs. It links the functions of the business, preserves information integrity, and reduces duplication of data entry. Being cloud-based, it provides our associates with access to relevant business information wherever they are working.

This investment has been supported by the New Anglia Business Growth Programme Small Grant Scheme, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.