Recruiting the Right Employee

No matter what service your business provides, you need employees who will make it run smoothly. It is important that care is taken over each stage of the hiring process to ensure that you choose the person most suited to the role and to your business.

When first advertising the role, ensure that you:

  • Identify the skills and knowledge required to carry out the job.
  • Consider attributes an employee will need to progress in the business.
  • Describe the role, duties and responsibilities of the job simply and accurately.

As part of the interview and selection process:

  • Ask questions that challenge candidates to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge, and that they possess the potential to grow within the role.
  • Wherever possible, use mechanisms and tools that identify aptitude and potential.

Having selected the best person for the role, the offer of employment should be made in writing and conditional on:

  • The prospective employee meeting the requirements of the Immigration Act 2006.
  • The receipt of satisfactory references, including one from their previous employer.
  • The completion of a medical questionnaire, referred to a medical practitioner for advice if necessary.
  • The completion of a six month period of probationary employment.
  • The completion, within a month of commencing employment, of an induction process that explains:
    • How to perform key elements of the job.
    • How they are expected to contribute to the business’s success.
    • Organisational structure, values and objectives.
    • Clients, customers and suppliers.
    • Rules, standards of behaviour and performance requirements.
    • Policies, processes and procedures operated by the business.

With your new employee instated, it is important to make sure that they remain happy and motivated. Learn more in the follow-up to this blog post, “Managing the Job Performance”.

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