When is a Resignation a Resignation?

We all know in HR that employment law can be complex, especially when lawyers became involved.

stressedemployee4It’s what they do, right?

Well, you also have to accept employment law is not all about EU
directives and more bureaucracy.  It exists because there are still
too many unreasonable employers out there who choose not to
treat their staff fairly or with at least some respect.

I know, I hear you say, there are unreasonable staff too.

Take a recent case where a teacher was not performing to the standard
required.  The teacher indicated she might consider resigning, and then
she was hounded for a resignation letter.  It came, but so did a tribunal
claim for constructive dismissal and she obtained £49,000 compensation.

Fair? Of course it is!

So what do you never do?  
You never ask, push, demand or harass for a resignation.  Do so at your peril.  If someone misbehaves, has a performance or capability issue, then use the disciplinary code.  Less haste is really more speed and is also fair, meaning you (the employer) behave reasonably and fairly.

Moral of the story is to always be objective and professional by using the procedures you should have in place.

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