Get a Grant – Norfolk based client tells their story

WLP work with our clients in partnership to improve profitability. We do not go out to attract clients with the offer of access to “free” money, known as grants.

What we do is work with the client to identify the need, we are then often able to signpost clients to sources of help and, indeed, try to ensure there are no obstacles.

An example is William Morfoot Limited, based in Shipdham, Norfolk. We were able to identify sources of grant to support a major investment programme, some advanced engineering heavy plant for land based projects, in forming the backbone of a growth strategy. Not just protecting jobs but building on 40% growth achieved last year.

Tim Sisson, MD, states,
“We secured £24,000 of grant Money from Grants for Growth (Breckland District Council) for a Tracked shingle cart – a specialist piece of plant used for transferring gravel in high volume in all-weather conditions as part of our drainage operations. Total capital cost of the machine was £160,000.

We secured a further £6,000 of grant money from Grants for growth (Breckland District Council) for a Kirpy Trackway machine used for rejuvenating (recycling and relaying) farm tracks. Total cost of Kirpy machinery – £50,000.

We have just secured a further £6,000 of grant money from the Small Business Grants Scheme (Suffolk County Council) for a new GPS system for one of our trencher machines – aimed at boosting output, productivity and therefore keeping us competitive. Total cost of GPS equipment – £30,000.”

Being able to access this source of funds enabled the company to progress its growth plans much faster, attracting a total of £36,000 in grants to underpin a £240,000 investment programme.

The exercise of obtaining grants can nonetheless be demanding in terms of form filling and general all round perseverance, but the team at William Morfoot Limited feels it has “undoubtedly been worth it”. In particular, the support offered by representatives of both organisations involved was excellent and clear guidance was provided from the outset. A lot of organisation, determination and persistence is needed to keep the application moving but they have paid in a timely way on each occasion we have parted with funds which has been helpful.

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