Are you an Entrepreneur?

Could you put the needs of your business over family? If you answer ‘yes’ to this question, you demonstrate strong entrepreneurial tendencies.

Is your support network (family, close friends) behind you?
Well, if you are prepared to tell them that you answered ‘yes’ to question one, you are probably about to find out the answer to question two!

Two years ago, I wrestled with these questions and a host of others. I was considering becoming my own boss, so I filled in a survey to help me determine whether I had what it took to be an entrepreneur.

Many people talk about the ‘dream’ of self-employment.

The Bank of England’s May 2014 Inflation Report identified a marked increase in self-employment in the very recent past: since August 2013, it has risen by almost 300,000.

But, is it really a dream or a nightmare?

It certainly made me appreciate things you take for granted as an employee, especially a monthly pay day.

However, routine can lead to the onset of a ‘daily grind’. That is something I do not miss.

Every day is what you make it when it’s your business. Be prepared for the emotional peaks and troughs.
To succeed, your focus has to be on doing an outstanding job for your customers. Fail to deliver and your ability to pay the mortgage will vanish pretty quickly.

Subjecting my family to risk and asking them to keep their faith in me during the start-up phase was the hardest thing I have ever done. Two years on, we enjoy many opportunities that were unavailable during salaried life.

I now greet my alarm clock with anticipation, not obligation.

WLP is keen to talk to entrepreneurs interested in joining its team of consultants. If you have the drive and ambition to become self-employed and shape your own future, please get in touch via

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