Simple mistakes that can be made with limited Companies in the UK

We have had some examples of businesses not being careful with use of the Company Name and not keeping records.

Firstly, it is important that wherever you use the company name you use the correct name and are consistent in its use.  Using an incorrect name or a shortened version can lead to trouble.  Using an incorrect name can invalidate any transactions you have made.  You could lose a claim to be paid if it gets to court.  Worse still, you could be accused of fraud by purporting to be something you are not.

Banks are good at abbreviating names. So be careful to ensure that the name is not wrong on a cheque which if declined, could open you up to fraud charges.

By not making it clear in emails that you are corresponding on behalf of the Company you expose yourself personally.  We have had clients who have not heeded this good practice.  One was personally bankrupted as a result.

Take care to have your limited company name, registration number, place of registration and registered address accessible on your website.  Companies House guidance is clear, see

We have seen a huge number of websites that do not comply.

It is equally important to make sure changes are made when they become relevant. One example recently was a  business had been a limited company but was no longer. It still had the company name and registration number displayed on its website, a clear case where problems could arise.

Finally, keep records especially diaries and emails.  You never know when they will be needed.  Last year, I was the only person who had a record of when a meeting occurred in 2001 and evidence of email traffic.  It was a vital piece of evidence about the sequence of events in a High Court case which was determined in our clients favour.